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Access biosecurity compliance on-demand, anywhere in the world.

How does Thola work?

Thola makes it easy to access all your biosecurity compliance auditing and verification needs; for your growing business in one place and with 95% less the time.

Global compliance on demand.

With Thola; you can book a biosecurity compliance audit anywhere in the world and be matched with an accredited Thola auditor closest to you; to perform compliance audit.

Business requests an audit via Thola app

Thola process?

They are assigned nearest Auditor accredited for auditing business' biosecurity compliance needs.

Upon passing a compliance audit(s); they are aggregated to our compliant companies directory, for traceability, procurement & partnership benefits.

Hundreds of companies partnering with Thola to increase their biosecurity impact.

Thola solutions?


Access fast compliance on your fingertips through our Thola compliance App; for easy compliance audit bookings


For marketplaces, large retailers & wholesalers: plug in Thola compliance APIs into your product, to speed up supplier vetting in your onboarding process.


Earn new knowledge and skills through our Auditor academy; where you get access to a wide range of online learning modules that can prepare you to be a Thola Auditor.


Initiate direct communication and procurement with compliant companies on Thola directory. 

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