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Green Energy Turbines

Automating sustainability compliance intelligence for emerging green companies 

Thola is on a mission to help companies increase their profitability, by adopting climate sustainable practices.

How does Thola work?

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Our understanding of humanity's impact on the climate is continually growing. Clients and consumers have greater expectations of brands to reduce their environmental impact. Reducing emissions and energy use is also more important than ever for the long-term profitability of businesses.

Thola's mission is to help emerging companies meet these growing demands and reduce waste by adopting climate sustainability practices. We work with companies to build their Climate Sustainability Impact (CSI) portfolio by providing tailored support through our in-house monitoring software. We enable companies to track climate sustainability metrics like energy use and greenhouse emissions, empowering them to reduce waste and adopt appropriate climate sustainability measures. We also provide CSI data and reporting to meet the increasing climate disclosure demands globally, simplifying the process and unlocking profit value.

We are dedicated to providing tools to allow businesses to better manage, report and assess their climate impact. Together we can make a difference but we at Thola are here to lend a helping hand.

About Thola

Hundreds of companies partnering with Thola to increase their sustainability impact.

Thola solutions?


Access fast compliance on your fingertips through our Thola compliance App; for easy compliance audit bookings


For marketplaces, large retailers & wholesalers: plug in Thola compliance APIs into your product, to speed up supplier vetting in your onboarding process.


Earn new knowledge and skills through our Auditor academy; where you get access to a wide range of online learning modules that can prepare you to be a Thola Auditor.

Emissions Reporting

Access a software solution that enables easy monitoring of CO2 emissions and streamlines data to enable easy reporting to customers, partners & investors

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