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Sustainability compliance has become a growing priority for businesses across various industries; to increase trust among their customers and equally avoid the financial and reputation risk of non-compliance. 

Why sustainability compliance matters?

At Thola, we view biosecurity compliance's value to companies in 3 ways:


Increases companies' operational efficiency.

Companies can design internal processes to enable their employees to be aware of biosecurity risks and ways to mitigate them. Uphold safety requirements at work and maintain a safe and productive work-place environment.


Increases customer care commitment.

By having processes in place for identification of biosecurity risks and effective protocols to communicate early risks with customers. Having open and unbiased protocols in place for customers to communicate identified product defects and open investigative procedures.


Increases climate and social care action.

Practice climate friendly methods of growing, processing and packaging products. Increase traceability in product sourcing to ensure goods come from climate sustainable sources that practice fair and humane methods of production and operations.

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