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Join 100+ Thola auditors spread across the world - earn new skills and unlock a new income stream.

Thola Auditor onboarding process


Prospective Auditor signs up to be a Thola independent Auditor and selects the industry and scheme(s) they want to provide auditing for.


Upon signing up; they undergo a screening process that includes checking their criminal history and any possible conflict of interest that may prevents them from being an auditor in a chosen industry.


If the prospective auditor passes the screening process; they are onboarded into Thola Auditor Academy, where they will take some virtual training courses for 1 - 6 months (depending on scheme type). When all courses have been completed, they have to take a virtual timed knowledge exam.


If the knowledge exam is passed; the prospective auditor will undergo practical training by doing 3 mock audits at our partner customers' businesses. When completed; they become approved and certified Thola Auditors and our team will support the Auditor in getting auditing requests.

Want to be a Thola auditor trainer?

  1. Are you an agricultural/food/environmental Science professional?

  2. Do you have experience in teaching or facilitating training?

  3. Do you care about scaling biosecurity compliance globally?

If you answered 'YES' to all 3 questions;

Then join us in helping over a million people around the world become trained biosecurity auditors, so that they can help enforce quality and safety in our agricultural and food supply chain. Also give them transferrable skills that can give them career opportunities beyond Thola. 

"Being a Thola Auditor may be a start for many; but the education and training that we provide Auditors allows them to get long-term career opportunities beyond Thola"
Nneile Nkholise - Thola co-founder & CEO

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